To begin a little talk about feminism…

Is feminism still relevant to me: a woman in her early twenties in a modern 21st century country founded on freedom and equality? Being surrounded with ladies in different life stages, I hear some talk of how they aren’t happy in their marriages/partnerships, but they don’t feel economically independent enough to enforce their value in their relationships. Perhaps […]


I eat goals for breakfast.

Warning: This will not be your typical “New Year, New You” blog. The reason being: all of you will not feel inspired to write your New Year’s resolutions after reading this. If you want to read a blog that will inspire you to write your annual never-to-be-completed resolutions, please skip this song. However, if you […]


You can have influence!

You can have influence! My dear readers, I could not be more excited to finally publish my writing! I am so very thankful for you reading my blog. I hope you are left inspired, encouraged and ready to take on new challenges! With all my love, PriskaTabitha I constantly hear people criticizing wealthy people and […]