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A House Divided

Here in the South, it’s common to find these license plates which read “A House Divided” with the mascots of two opposing SEC football teams which looks something like this: But oftentimes this is a silly picture of how the Church looks internally.  While the temporal affection of a sports team may not be foundationally divisive for […]


Accept people

This blog is for the Church, my family.  I have been wrestling with these questions in my mind for a while and want to hear what my God family thinks.  Do me a favor and comment with your thoughts. What if our perspective is so distorted by religion that we don’t even know what is the heartbeat […]


I eat goals for breakfast.

Warning: This will not be your typical “New Year, New You” blog. The reason being: all of you will not feel inspired to write your New Year’s resolutions after reading this. If you want to read a blog that will inspire you to write your annual never-to-be-completed resolutions, please skip this song. However, if you […]


You can have influence!

You can have influence! My dear readers, I could not be more excited to finally publish my writing! I am so very thankful for you reading my blog. I hope you are left inspired, encouraged and ready to take on new challenges! With all my love, PriskaTabitha I constantly hear people criticizing wealthy people and […]