The Right Fear

I think you can tell a lot about a person by asking this question: What is your biggest fear? And I have a confession to make:  when it comes to TV & movies, I am the biggest scaredy-cat in the world.  No kidding.  Scooby Doo used to give me nightmares.  Knowing that, you can only […]


A Prayer for 2016

To begin the new year, I have been praying for spiritual awakening and renewal for myself and for my friends, family, and community.  If you are a friend of mine, be forewarned that when you ask me to pray for you, I pray specifically that God be glorified in Your life through the fulfillment of His […]



HE is GOD. He was before all:  time, earth, anything and everything. He is now. He will be after all:  time, earth, anything and everything. His thoughts are far above my thoughts, and His ways are far above my ways. His will cannot be summarized by my thoughts and words. Yes, even his face is […]